🕒 What I'm Doing Now

Updated April 30th, 2024


In August 2022, I started working at GitHub . It's a humbling experience being the small fish in a big pond, but that just means there are so many opportunities for growth.

I was part of a small & scrappy team that helped to launch Copilot for Business in Feburary 2023, and since then I've been investing in React tooling for a "something new" project the Billing team has been working hard to ship.

In September 2023, I transitioned into a newly formed Licensing team - a subset of the Billing domain that needed some extra TLC - with my manager and 3 other teammates.

The Merging of Two Lives

November 2022 I asked the love of my life is she would marry me.

Unfortunately for her, she said yes.

Having lived separately our entire relationship, we finally made arrangements to move in together at the end of May 2023. Our current place is extremely affordable, but comes at the cost of a longer commute for my fiance. Our plan is to save like crazy, get married September 2024, and eventually buy a place we can call home.

Martial Arts

For Christmas 2023, my fiance gifted me 3 classes to a local martial arts training center. Talk about a great gift idea!

Since watching the UFC and other promotions, I've had a curiosity to attempt training myself. Something about the discipline, dedication, and self-improvement really struck a chord with me. I decided to start with muay thai as it provides a better full-body work out compared to something like jiu-jitsu (although I will definitely try rolling at some point in the near future).

Well, I've since finished those classes and purchased a membership to train twice a week. I'm absolutely hooked! And there is a likely chance I bump that up to an unlimited membership once my body is better conditioned 😅

Live Music is Back!

For the first time since March 2020, my band Pretty Young Thang played our first show on June 8th at The Piston in Toronto. We were lucky enough to find ourselves on another bill in August which was equally as fun.

It's been a great time getting the boys back in the room together. Jamming, laughing, and bonding over music.

Riding the Wave of AI

It's been said that AI will have as great, if not greater, an impact than the invention of the Internet.

Do I believe this? Maybe. But that doesn't take away from the shear amount of innovation taking place! Starting in tech, and quickly spanning across industries.

To seize the opportunity and make a small contribution to this new era of computing, and friend & I have been collaborating to create HerbyAI - a chat bot with high-quality, curated, personalized herbal information.

We're passionate about our mission to democratize access to herbal knowledge. It's been extra rewarding being able to flex both my developer + business chops.

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