📝 About

Welcome to my corner of the metaverse!

I'm a software engineer devoting my efforts to building scalable, resilient, highly available systems.

In 2020, about a month after the world shutdown, I completed my undergraduate studies at Queen's University to receive a Bachelor in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Design.

I have a passion for learning new technologies and incorporating them into my work. Right now I'm gravitating towards memory efficient, portable languages such as Rust & Go. For frontend projects my go-to styling library is TailwindCSS, and the latest addition to my full-stack palette is Remix.

I enjoy tinkering on side projects in my spare time, which you can find on GitHub.

In another life I would totally be a musician. Writing, producing and performing music is a big passion of mine. If you're into funk & rock you should definitely check out my band Pretty Young Thang 🤘🏻