Hi, I'm Andrew!

🎨 Full-Stack Developer☁️ DevOps Architect🎸 Avid Musician☕️ Coffee Enthusiast


Since 2018 I've been working at Innovasium Digital as a development team lead, doing full-stack web development and architecting modern dev ops solutions. Find out more about that here.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Queen's University and received my Bachelor in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Design.

I have a passion for learning new technologies and incorporating them into my work. Right now I'm hacking with memory efficient, portable languages such as Rust, Go, and Flutter. For frontend development projects I've been exploring TailwindCSS which has been used to build this site!

In my spare time, I enjoy writing and contributing open source software which you can find on my GitHub. Writing, producing and performing music is also a big passion of mine. My band Pretty Young Thang has been releasing new music on a regular basis, check us out!

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