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Hi, I'm Andrew! I love full-stack development, architecting robust devops solutions, collaborating, problem solving, and most of all ☕️


Since 2018 I've been working at Innovasium Digital as a development team lead, doing full-stack web development and architecting modern dev ops solutions. Find out more about that here.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Queen's University and received my Bachelor in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Design.

I have a passion for learning new technologies and incorporating them into my work. Right now I am exploring highly performant, resilient and scalable backend solutions using Elixir, Go, and Ruby on Rails. For frontend development projects I've been mainly using GatsbyJS and Styled Components since I came across them, and they were used to build this site!

In my spare time, I enjoy writing and contributing open source software which you can find on my GitHub. Writing, playing and performing music is also a big passion of mine. My band Pretty Young Thang has been releasing new music on a regular basis, check us out!

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