October 19, 2021 • 2 min read

6 Lessons I Learned Shipping 10 Days in a Row

Ship 30

🔨️ Use a simple tool

Don't get caught up with distractions when you're getting started.

The simple interface of the default notes app on your device has more than enough tools to get a rough draft out.

Prioritize uninterrupted focus.

📕 Find a template

Once your thoughts are on paper you'll be looking to mold them into a format that will convey your message.

This takes time, a lot of time.

Templates eliminate the step of having to create the format yourself

Copy one from the internet and tweak to your hearts content.

✍🏻 Write now, edit later

Ever catch yourself writing and editing your work at the same time?

Creative output and objective decisions engage your brain in different capacities.

Focus on keeping your mind on one task at a time to get into a flow state.

🎙Transcribe your thoughts

Writing doesn't have to start at your keyboard.

Have your phone transcribe your voice to get some thoughts onto paper.

This enables you to write at the times you're most creative but can't write -

  • In the shower

  • On a walk

  • In the car

🚢Something is better than nothing

Consistency is key.

The top athletes in the world choose to have a bad workout over skipping a day.

Get your reps in. Ship even if it isn't your best work, come back tomorrow to start again.

🌎Share your unique perspective

You're the only person on this planet that has experienced the unique combination of events you've been a part of.

That contributes to an entirely unique perspective within your writing.

People love to relate, so play off of your perspective to draw readers in.