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Full-Stack Developer Intern

Innovasium Digital

June 2017 - September 2017


Rejoining the team at Innovasium for the summer of 2017 lead to an even greater learning experience than the last. I was exposed to a technology stack I had never worked with before and quickly became adept at one of the most popular frameworks at the time. They also leveraged my experience using Rails to work on a new client project for not only the product's API but also for frontend development.

Notable Contributions

  • Provisioned an auto-scaling PaaS application within an on-premise, enterprise network using Docker
  • Developed a client-facing, no-code, drag 'n drop portal builder using React & Redux
  • Architected a headless CMS API using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL
  • Queried against the Microsoft Sharepoint API for data analysis, file upload and download, as well as extend Microsoft's functionality to create an internal file inventory
  • Utilized the HAML markup language and the Rails MCV architecture to bug fix and create new user interfaces for SeeWhatSheCanDo.
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